20 May 2013

Comparing Elance V/S Freelancer on Grounds of Earning Opportunities and Occupations

Introduction to Getafreelancer and Vworker:-
Basically, Getafreelancer and Vworker both are well reputed and highly joined websites or platforms on which millions of providers and employers have been working for a long time. Usually, well practiced, experienced, talented and skilled professionals sell their services and efforts at some suitable rates. In these days, Elance.com has been getting much fame and attention throughout the world, while you cannot ignore popularity and professionalism of Getafreelancer, because it has acquired many smaller as well as famous freelancing sites including Scriptlance and Vworker. A perfect competition has been observing between Getafreelancer and Elance for last couple of years. In general, Elance offers both hourly as well as fixed price projects or jobs to professionals. Payment is guaranteed via both of networks; Elance escrow and Getafreelancer.
Similarities Between Both Sites:-
Elance is very best and useful official platform where you can establish small scale business related to different services and skills which the employers or clients need for their own business. Similarly, Getafreelancer is also greatly popular throughout the world, because on this network high valued projects are available for relevant skilled and experienced professionals who can manage such tasks up to requirements of clients. Both platforms offer high quality, rich and greater priced projects for experienced professionals. Elance mostly deals with software development, programming, apps development, Mac and Smartphone application and programming projects which carry big rewards or pay. Similarly, Getafreelancer also deals with such tasks, but here writing, SEO, linking, post publication and web designing projects are available in excess. You should keep in mind that both of these freelancing sites do not allow users or workers to pay or receive payment outside the platforms. These conditions are strict, while both provider and client cannot exchange personal communication without awarding a project or making final deal.

Dissimilarities Between Getafreelancer and Vworker:-
It is compulsory for everyone to view working and registration policies of Elance and Getafreelancer before commencing any kind of business or profession on anyone of these platforms. There are also many dissimilarities which can be observed between Elance and freelancer mods. Primary difference between both these working sites is membership policy, while on the other side, commission charged on project is also bit different on both websites. Posting bid and actual value of projects have not much differences. Although Elance is a leading freelancing site, but after acquiring Vworker and Scriptlance, the Getafreelancer is also on its way. It is hoped that with a couple of years it will also acquire some other freelancing sites and it will give a tough time to Elance. 

Essential Things to be Done Before Starting Work:-
In fact, both these working sites facilitate well practiced, experienced and talented people to earn money on regular basis. In these days, there are millions of well educated and trained people who are engaged with Elance as well as Getafreelancer to make money by providing skills and services at agreed prices. If you have registered with both these excellent and leading freelancing sites, then it will be much useful for you to complete your user profile, writing skills, services and other offers which you really can provide to clients on demand.

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