1 March 2013

Review of Canon A3400 IS

Camera buyers always check out few general things when buying latest camcorders. Normally they focus more on camera lens, capacity, technical specs, LCD, storage memory and price. Here you will view the most advance product that has many technical qualities and unbeatable benefits. This camera has following information and detail.
Basic Details:
Canon A3400 IS in fact is a light-weight compact camera which has been made and introduced by Canon. It is supported with 3. 0” vivid color LCD in addition to 16 megapixels camera. CCD sensor is usually included in its technical detail in which boosts up image quality together with perfect image stabilization. It's got smarter dimension; 15.9 back button 13.8 back button 6.1 cm that may easily be took. Canon A3400 IS actually has Lithium regular battery, USB charger in addition to big storage memory space. It consists regarding 5x optical contact lens for precise zooming of subjects. It also owes 32 arena modes and deal with detection mode. Light balance, auto method, Smart Flash in addition to I-contrast etc have become famous technical functions in this particular compact product.
Product Description:
This compact product is rich with many luxurious features. These qualities can be studied in returning lines.
High Volume Sensor and Digital camera:
By function it owes 04 megapixels compact camera with CCD sensor potential. These technical components yield marvelous still together with video results. For telephone long distance subjects vision results tend not to change their pure quality.
Wonderful HD Video Recording:
Digital sensor boosts up wonderful HD video recording with some additional characteristics like auto change, color resolution in addition to slow motion method etc.
Bigger LCD:
Canon A3400 IS is helped by 3.0” touchscreen display screen LCD that catches and displays photos in larger size with excellent resolution.
Accurate Cruising:
Canon A3400 IS offers precise and excellent zooming of a long way away subjects. This accurate zooming is obtained simply by its highly equipped 5x optical contact lens.
ISO Sensitivity:
With higher lighting ISO sensitivity this latest brand happens to be extremely able to offer attractive results. Its ISO goes to 3200 at complete resolution.
Face Recognition:
Smile and Encounter detection technology is roofed in its exceptional features.

Optical Image Stabilization:
Shake and blur of camera can be rectified or lessened with optical photograph stabilization function. The item supports in both still and video clip formats.
Lithium Power supply:
This camera is usually fully supported simply by Lithium battery that's high power and will be recharged.
Secure Memory Storage:
Massive memory can be obtained with this product that stores routinely every shot.
USB Charger:
For recharging regarding battery USB charger is together with Canon A3400 IS.
Intelligent Auto Modes:
I-Contrast, I-Auto and Intelligent auto adjustment etc have become rare functions, which band together and give awesome results.
Smart Flash:
Its Smart flash is capable of taking images throughout dull light. During video recording light can be readjusted.
Canon A3400 IS possesses greater compatibility with different devices, components and hardware ingredients. For sharing data it is possible to connect USB cables using this compact product.

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