24 January 2013

How to Search and Acquire the Best as well as Rich Google Programs? Pay Per Click or Pay Per Post!

What are These Services?
We all are well familiar to PPC and also know that these are fantastic ways of making money online. Similarly, in Blogs you can also get money through pay per post, which is quite similar to PPC. A little bit distinction is found in both programs, while the purpose and target of both techniques is same. Pay per post is the best and outclass way of earning huge and unlimited profits. That is why; in these days PPP has become too common and quite famous.
Best & Supported Strategies:-
PPC & PP both are very crucial and interesting programs, as both bring chances of earning money for clickers as well as web owners, That is why; these techniques require efficient and fabulous strategies, so that people can go in right direction. The following techniques are helpful and outstanding for clickers and Bloggers.
Time Limit for Approved Blogs:-
It is not quick method that blog can be selected for PPP, as any blog for pay per post requires about 30 days limit and regular post for 10 days. That is why; consistence blogging is referred as the best and more effective for earning profit. Actually, blogging and pay per post both are directly related. You can make higher money with consistence blogs rather than fake or discrete blogs.
PPP Approval:-
After providing minimum requirement, pay per post demands for your blog for approval. This is quite essential and regular step that can never be neglected or skipped. This process can consume 24 hours to 7 days in approval.

Referral Options:-
When you have received approval verification, then referral options are waiting for bloggers. These options are fertile with unlimited income and abnormal profits. After signing up & starting blogging, you will get money from pay per post.
Blogging Assignment:-
When advertisers demand for blogs for marketing their products, then bloggers can claim assignment to these advertisers. In this way, bloggers can get huge profits and sometimes regular income from these blogs. You can also submit this blogging assignment directly to advertisers.
Direct Contact with Advertisers:-
Google has no issue with bloggers if they use direct contacts with advertisers. In this direct method, commission and other charges can be saved and huge amount in profit is added up. When you provide services of marketing to various products of these advertisers, you receive direct payment from advertisers directly.
Things to be Avoided:-
Google or any other network does not allow and permit the webmasters to get fake clicks and likes on the URL's of websites. If anyone is founded doing this, then it is considered a willing negligence and violation of the terms and conditions the webmasters have agreed earlier. Thus you will never view the ads or other services on your websites or blogs anymore. This might be a big financial loss for the webmasters who include fake strategies to their unique and original Google's trusted programs. Anyway you must avoid from such things and actions, because all these are totally against the Google's policies and terms.

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