29 September 2012

Viewing and Examining the External Carotid Artery and Its Various Functions

By name it is clear that external carotid artery is the main part of the blood artery that joins the neck and head externally, but it remains attached with aorta and other essential ducts which take oxygenated blood and supply it to specific parts. In the present, the human health has been surrounded by many risks or diseases which generate a lot of disturbances and odd conditions for healthier body. But after medical researches upon carotid artery infections, it has been discovered that internal and external infections or illnesses affect the health of man and make him sick. External artery has many branches and smaller lines which connect different parts of the body with each other for blood supply, while these tiny niches also form several portions which perform different jobs. In these days, due to casual infections or causes, the external carotid artery experiences issues and disorder circumstances. It is a general observation of medical experts that dissection or plague problems are bitter or rich among fatty bodies as compare to slim and smart bodies. That is why; it is said that fatness or weight gaining is the most complicated and dangerous physical condition for the body.

1-Plague and Persistent Deposit of Fats:-
Plague is a situation in which some hard stuff increases in main arteries which carry oxygenated blood. This condition generates blockage in the proper flow of blood-bearing oxygen towards the skull, head and neck. It should be concentrated attentively that plague is also caused by excess depositing of fats inside the main arteries which always restrict in flowing blood. Actually arteries are tiny lines or vessels which keep the blood in a continuous flow or stream. If there is any disturbance or conflict, then the running of oxygenated blood experiences several problems.
2-Increase in Cholesterol:-
You must keep it in mind that cholesterol is the most dangerous and unsafe product or substance that can indulge external carotid artery into many illnesses and infections. Usually abundant quantity of cholesterol can also cause the heart attack and brain stroke, while both these circumstances are very serious. If you desire to control such diseases, then you have to lower down the quantity of cholesterol and bring it to the minimum level.
3-Brain Stroke and Nerve Bursting:-
If there is poor flow of blood into nerves and brain vessels, then there can happen few kind of brain strokes or nerve bursting. It is clear that external carotid artery is linked with almost all upper parts like head, brain, skull and neck, so if there is any disturbance or disorder in these smaller blood branches, then obviously odd situations can be experienced by patients.
4-Heart Pain and Attacks:-
External artery becomes thin and separate from main artery and in such situation the heart pain starts. Sometimes, this pain becomes regular and teases the patients very badly. Smoking and drinking alcohol are major causes of harsh heart pain and swelling inside external arteries which carry blood-bearing oxygen. Heart attacks and strokes are the results of disturbance in external arteries or blood organs.
5-Sleepiness of Brain:-
The main goal of external carotid artery is to supply oxygenated blood to neck and head, while if there is any shortage or resistance in this process then the brain can experience few issues in which sleeping of the brain is a major one. This infection or injury can generate many further health problems including transient vision loss, memory issues and effects upon thinking power. Most of the patients feel persistent pain and stretchiness in their back muscles, especially in the neck. For recovery of this illness, the therapy or artery surgery is the best solution that can restore original blood flowing process.

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