29 September 2012

Carotid Artery Dissection

What is this Disease?
Basically dissection means the separation of two things or surfaces, while in medical it means the separation of layers of blood artery walls which are essential to maintain normal flow of blood-bearing oxygen. In these days, the carotid artery dissection has become a serious health issue among the people as it can disturb blood flow or can make them fully disable or mentally troubled. In case of proper treatments with suitable precaution, this disease can easily be removed or cured successfully. For last few years, this kind of blood artery infection has become major issue in the medical industry. There are hundreds of causes which are behind the dissection of artery layers and its walls. Most of the medical researches prove that bacteria, viruses and other similar infections are main reasons of carotid dissection disease.

What Effects it is delivered to Blood Circulatory System?
Every kind of disease or infection brings a number of odd conditions, painful circumstances and health issues which become more serious and adverse, when these are not fully and properly cured. Similarly in case of artery dissection, the patients experience dozens of situations which spoil their balanced health and make them restless mentally. In general carotid artery dissection introduces following complications and effects upon the health and the internal blood system of body.

  1. Disturbance in supplying blood-bearing oxygen
  2. Receiving the lower quantity of blood from heart
  3. Due to separation, the operation of delivering oxygenated blood to upper parts goes down.
  4. Patients feel sharp pain and sometimes swelling in blood arteries
  5. Often brain stroke, heart attacks and high blood pressure complications happen due to dissection in carotid artery.
  6. Transient vision loss
  7. In many cases effect of dissection delivers reversed effects and it disturbs heart’s pumping and supplying of blood etc.
Main Causes of Dissection:-
Nature of dissection of carotid artery is a serious and major health issue that is caused by a number of reasons. Sometimes, the people do not expect such kind of injury, but they suddenly experience it and feel it badly. Such common causes of this health problem are;

  • Cholesterol and dairy products
  • Plague that is caused by greater quantity of cholesterol and fatness
  • Carbohydrate causes of weight gaining and this condition totally generates problems in blood flowing.
  • Some heart diseases are also basic reasons of separation of carotid arteries.
  • There are many other general reasons which sometimes create separation.
Common Signs of Disease:-
Carotid artery dissection can be observed and diagnosed on grounds of various signs which clearly explain nature and intensity of separation infection. It is helpful if you go through such basics of artery dissection. These symptoms have been enlisted in below column.

Ø  Severe headache
Ø  Pulled and painful neck
Ø  Loss in transient vision
Ø  Ischaemic stroke
Ø  Brain stroke
Ø  Heart attack
Ø  Pain in chest
Ø  Sudden pain in heart and its adjacent areas
Ø  Effects upon heart beating etc.

How it can be treated properly?
Medical Science has made a number of health researches over the reasons, signs and treatments of carotid artery dissection that is considered an unpleasant and life risk disease. Actually this infection belongs to the heart and supply of blood to head as well as neck. That is why; it causes many other health issues and disorder conditions. Usually medication and therapy are very useful latest treatments which yield excellent results. There are also some herbal remedies that are appropriate for recovering dissection of layers. In short, the patients should consult with medical experts on artery dissection so that the doctors can suggest some accurate solutions and treatments for faster recovery.

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